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Corretor Postural Unissex

R$ 85,00
Descrição do produto

Corrector posture back strap adjustment (velcro) breathable and latex free.

-Adjustable size, model unisex.

-General fix-shoulder support, pull back the upper back for position right. And then improve all your body posture during use.

-Use anytime when you are sitting on computer, driving, but also when you doing sports or other tasks daily.

-Further, you can usá-Lo home when you are doing housework or watching TV.

-Practical, strap posture with neoprene light, can be used comfortably under or over clothes, correct your posture throughout the day, you can put and adjust by yourself.

-Early Days usá-Lo per-minute only, add 10 minutes everyday. Your back and shoulders if ajustarão slowly and you construirá memory muscle for correct posture.